this website

web design, 2017

Jerry is a purist when it comes to coding. He insists on not using a website builder to make his website. Forget about the flashy graphics and transitions, there is a sense of unparalleled ownership when your website was written letter by letter by your own key presses. This website was written completely using HTML and CSS and a text editor.

The following is a record of the development of Jerry's website over time.

This was the previous version of this website. Content was organized into the categories Jerry, film, design and art. However, the top right positioning of the categories caused a steeper learning curve for navigating the site. The site transitioned in an application-like manner.

This is the start of Jerry's purist approach to coding. It was made using only html.

The third version was made using Adobe Dreamweaver.

The second version was made using Adobe Muse.

This is the first website. It was made using the Godaddy website builder.