An avid tinkerer, Jerry loves functional, well designed products. However he never imagined himself designing things for others - a notion that brings to mind an image of someone standing over his shoulder, pointing fingers. However, his curiosity for functional design continued to grow during his collage life.

One of Jerry's dreams is to become a race car driver. After getting his dream first car - a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X - he started to participate in track days, and to modify the car for improved performance, performing most of the work himself. It didnt take long before he found himself well versed in basic mechanics and in charge of a Boston-based sports car club.

This, and a sense of unfulfilled craving for knowledge motivated him to commit to the additional major. He will be the first student in the school to finish with this combination.

Through exposing himself to the broad field of Industrial Design, Jerry has improved his ability to present ideas clearly and with structure. He gained insight into the processes of design thinking and human-centered design, and has developed his own priorities and methodologies.