For Jerry, exposure to creative activities started very early on. He was the little kid who took all the classes at the local community center. He received a glance into many disciplines, such as piano, clarinet, singing, dancing, architecture, sculpture, painting, game design, and the list goes on. Some of these things he did not continue to pursue, but he never stopped making.

'There is a sense of peace when I am making things. I just let my mind wander away, and later when I come back, some progress has already been made on my work. And I am often impressed.'

Jerry realized that art is a powerful tool for exploring topics of controversy, because everything can be controlled, in order to achieve the desired effects. Art can be the starting point in tough topics. It can also be the scope through which to observe and critique aspects of life, for us to see much of the unseen.

Jerry often aims for subtlety when it comes to engaging topics. He believes the point is not to tell people how to think, but to let people decide for themselves, after experiencing his work.