Industrial Design Internship, Rockland, ME, 2017

From July to August 2017, Jerry interned at the Steel House, a co-op design space. During his time there, he worked for RISD faculty Tom Weis, on a variety of different projects. These included prototyping a batch-produceable do-it-yourself ornithoptor kit, creating an intro video for Tom's up coming Advanced Studio, prototyping a working aquaponics system, and more. He was very inspired by how welcoming and close-knit the community was, both in and out of the workplace. All in all, it proved to be a very valuable working experience.

View from the Steel House workshop out towards Penobscot Bay.

The working model of the rubber band powered ornithopter toy. These will be branded with the Steel House logo and given out to visitors for promotion.

The first working prototype now hangs in the workshop.

This is Jerry's working bell siphon model. Tom will be using it for demonstration in his class on Aquaponics. This project made Jerry really appreciate how difficult it is to make a water-tight object.

Jerry made extensive use of the laser cutter during this time. He figured out what clearances were needed to make joints hold together with tension, in order to make sturdy models. However, finger jointed boxes were not ideal for water-proofing.

The final finished setup of the working aquaponics system.

The team worked hard to make a set of space dividers for the new Steel House South building. The dividers also serve as cabinets, white boards and bulletin boards. This project made Jerry appreciate how costly and time consuming building high quality furniture really is.

A laser rastered image of the moon, on wood, in the sun, in the succulent garden.

In his off time, Jerry also helped out painting a mural in downtown Rockland.