was a packaging design project to create a means for containing one of Ceaco™'s soon-to-be-released toys. It was a group project with Jerry's classmate, Mary Lee. This project spanned five weeks and was heavily process-driven. It proved to be a very rewarding experience.

The first prototypes were presented to the Ceaco board, the most interesting and challenging idea was then revised, prototyped and presented again. The board was inspired by the pair's fresh take on toy packaging. Jerry and Mary are hopeful that their ideas will in some way be incorporated into the actual product's release.

The board was very impressed by the process and product of this project. The packaging elevated the toy.

Specifications were given by the company.

Similar products seldom have any interesting packaging.

Ideas based on research and specs.

Ideas were evaluated using a custom rubric.

The 'Spiral' idea was a container that allows the toy to slide along a rail, thereby flipping it inside out. This was met with most interest.

The development phase was lengthy. The intricate curve of the rail had to reliably flip the toy inside out. Numerous materials were tested.

A working shape was discovered.

While the working model was being created, some thought was put into branding. The name HEX was chosen because the toy makes a hexagonal shape as it shapeshifts.

The working prototype was made using a variety of materials.

The color of the sticker would change to complement the toy.