rebranding/consulting project, 2016

The Italia Innovation Program is an organization that brings young, innovative students and professionals from all over the world to Italy, to challenge long-established Italian companies in attempt to solve real problems the companies face.

Jerry chose to work with Domori, an illycaffè affiliated high-end chocolate company. Potentially manufacturer of the rarest, best tasting chocolates in the world. Domori owns most of the world's production of Criollo, a strain of cacao that is notoriously low-yielding and fragile, but contains the most natural sugar and aroma of any cacao.

Domori's Dillema Domori produces quality chocolates, however due to having sustained a consistence loss in the past ten years, stakeholders are not prepared for the new management of the company to make drastic changes. As a result, the company was forced to retail their products in places such as convenience stores, cheapening the brand image for short term gain.

Jerry's team proposed a strategy to make Domori truly become the Ferrari of Chocolate.

The team's strategy is to separate the product lines' distribution methods, packaging and target audience in order to achieve better market perception whilst not compromising the percepted value of the top-end criollo line.